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Day 21 – March 11, 2013

The Big DayFebruary 19th, 2013
The big day is here.

Well I know a few posts back I was mentioning that I didn’t get the whole ‘Walking Dead’ show but the fact is that I was anxious to get on the treadmill today to watch the episode that was on TV last night. I’m all caught up now. I still think zombie shows are absolutely ridiculous, but I will say that I do like the characters and *SPOILER ALERT* it’s much more interesting for me in season 3 now that the zombies have taken a back seat to this feud between the 2 camps. Anyways – here’s my Monday.

Food Log:


  • Oatmeal – 8pts
  • Maple Syrup – 3pts
  • Banana – 0pts
  • Coffee (black) – 1pts
  • Total 12pts


  • 2 bean soft taco’s – 13pts
    • Cheese
    • Fat Free Sour Crème
    • Salsa
    • Carrots – 0pts
    • Tzaziki – 1pts
    • Total 26pts


  • Granola Bar – 4pts
  • Juice – 3pts
  • Total 33pts


  • 2 Veggie Burgers – 19pts
  • Quinoa Salad – 5pts
  • Total 57pts

I got great veggie burgers from Costco – they’re delicious and 5 points each (plus the bun). Here is a link to them being talked about by some person. It shows you a picture of the box.


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